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Voluson P6

3D scans and images expert

Institute of Health
An expert in 3D images and more

Powerful Voluson ™ is there when you need it. Ultrasound is a simple and accessible way for imaging, helping to provide vital information in the detection and characterization of obstetric and gynecological problems. Voluson Performance Series ultrasound offers:

Clear 2D images
Additional anatomical views with 3D images for in-depth evaluations
An imaging tool with an ideal working time
Robust performance capabilities

Institute of Health
Efortless excelence

Thanks to the high performance Voluson system, high quality clinical images are obtained for all patients in a quick and easy way.

It benefits from the Advanced Color Doppler function - to provide a deeper insight into vascular anatomy. Moreover, image quality remains intact, even for patients experiencing difficulty in analyzing.


Our equipment is modern and performant, special purchased for non-invasive medical interventions. Healing your body to the fullest.

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